Welcome to the World of Snail Mail Fun
TreeCity Mail sends a uniquely decorated envelope that coordinates with the Holiday of the day then fills it with a variety of fun things to celebrate the day.  The goal is to spread a little spritz of joy and fun while using this excuse for art.
Send a Surpise FunMail.
Fun Mail  and Holiday Mail arrive in a decorated envelope.
Stay Anonymous. We forward your mail .
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More Details about Holiday Mail
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Every Day Is Special.  Click here to see today's Holiday.

  1. Celebrate !!
    Send a funmail 'from you' or 'from us' any day of the year, every day of the year, birthdays, anniversaries, every day there is a Holiday. We love snail mail.
  2. Can't find the words.
    We'll create the letter. You tell us how you feel and we'll pass that along. We'll even provide the poem or the 'get lost' message. We love snail mail.
  3. Feeling Anonymous.
    We'll forward your mail. You can send us the letter or email and we'll put it in a new envelope and post it The recevier will only see our return address. We love snail mail.
  4. Don't have the time.
    We get it. We'll cover the birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and whatever other days you tell us you want to acknowledge and to whom. We love snail mail. We love to Celebrate each day.
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